Get prepared for the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA)

Our proprietary scientific-based solutions provide due diligence down to the raw material 

Set your business apart from the competition

CBP is planning to hire 300 full time personnel to enforce UFLPA. this is an unprecedented level of funding for the enforcement of a single trade law, and augurs a devastating level of supply chain disruption for importers that are ill-prepared


Growing global demand for transparency

Consumers now give more consideration to wellness, transparency, disclosure and social responsibility.


Government regulation. Companies are not prepared for UFLPA risks and liabilities

Importers assumed “guilty until proven innocent” with a 30 day window for proofs Even Good Faith compliance programs could lead to sanctions Strong bipartisan support with strong enforcement - criminal and civil


Supply chain accountability

Companies' ecosystems, supply chains, and manufacturing models are becoming more complicated and networked.