Our Solutions

Geographic Origin Assignment and Authentication

FloraTrace’s technologies determine the geographical origin of commodities.

Examples include: foods and beverage products, textiles/fashion, solar panels, automotive, as well as agricultural, pharmaceutical, geological products and materials.

We use proprietary data and forensic science to identify unique natural chemical patterns (i.e., fingerprints) within goods, allowing for authenticity of a material to be audited at any stage of a supply chain.

DALL·E 2023-06-14 13.47.58 - fingerprint and a large green plant

Risk Assessment and Scoring

Consulting services provides risk management and human rights due diligence in supply chains toward more sustainable sourcing practices.

FloraTrace’s Rezylient

Introducing Rezylient Trade Disruption Insurance.

Get coverage for unplanned expenses you may incur during a UFLPA Detention for suspicion of forced labor. 
Don’t be caught off-guard. 
Be proactive with Rezylient insurance and FloraTrace risk management.