Case Studies

Supporting the coffee ecosystem

Coffee verification program

FloraTrace provides targeted solutions for the coffee industry.  Coffee growers, distributors and retailers seek to protect and demonstrate that their products are authentic and derive from specific locations. Region-of-origin and protection of intellectual property are emerging concerns. As an example, a class action lawsuit between a group of Kona coffee growers who accuse major retailers for selling fraudulent “Kona” coffee. This highlights the need for protecting the origin of a product. 

Supporting the Hemp ecosystem

Hemp verification program

Hemp oil and hemp-derived CBD are becoming ubiquitous in consumer-packaged goods. the global hemp market is currently worth $4.6B and is expected to expand to $26.6B by 2025. The legal US cannabis market (adult-use and medical marijuana combined) is worth US$13.6B and is anticipated to grow to US$30.1B by 2025.

Consumers pay higher prices for products grown in well-known regions and produced in specific ways (i.e., sun-grown, indoor grown, etc.). Growers operating within these regions or producing products using specific methods seek to elevate the value of their product and protect their brand identity and integrity.