FloraTrace: for changing and emerging risks in global trade

Forced Labor is the third most lucrative illicit trade, behind only drugs and weapons, and has an annual trade value of roughly $150 Billion. 

It is an issue in sectors like fisheries, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and mining. 

Right now, over 152 million children are in child labor and over 25 million adults and children around the world are victims of some type of forced labor, including modern slavery, and human trafficking.

FloraTrace, Inc. offers risk management solutions to determine the geographic origin and source of commodities, foods and beverage products, textiles/fashion, as well as agricultural, pharmaceutical, geological products. Our technical solutions assess risks within supply chains and add greater transparency to supply chains at risk of containing forced labor.

FloraTrace is a US company founded in 2020 by a team of scientists, engineers, and industry specialists to generate new levels of transparency for clients’ disclosure and accountability in supply chains. With its domestic laboratories, chain-of-custody protocols and secure storage, FloraTrace delivers for its clients, fast analysis turnaround with the most cost-effective pricing for cutting-edge origin assignment technologies. FloraTrace specializes in risk transfer and risk management in trade compliance, legal/reputational risk mitigation, and ESG metrics.